This page contains Fretwork versions of my patterns created by Charles Dearing. We will be adding more when they are ready.

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These patterns are available in PDF or PNG format. Send an e-mail to with your request and type of file you wish to receive and I will send you an invoice and e-mail your patterns. All patterns are 300 DPI so you can enlarge to your prefered size without loss of detail. The Intarsia pictures are for reference only to show my version. These can be found on other pages.


Orginal Intarsia  Fretwork    F108 - Moulfon Ram - $7.00

Orginal Intarsia   Fretwork   F107 - Wonder - $7.00

Orginal Intarsia   Fretwork     F106 - Spring Gathering - $7.50 without arch / F106a with Arch $8.00

Orginal Intarsia   Fretwork   F105 - The Ark - $8.00

Orginal Intarsia Fretwork   F104 - Zebra Family - $8.00

Orginal Intarsia   Fretwork   F103 - Tiger Family - $9.00 

Original Intarsia   Fretwork   F102 - The Carpenter - $9.00   

Original Intarsia Fretwork    F101 - The Knock -$9.00